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Guide to Jewelry eBook and Audio


One Ebook on How to Pick your Jewelry, Useful Information and appeals to men as well as women.

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One Ebook on How to Pick your Jewelry, Useful Information and appeals to men as well as women. You will receive this ebook after payment. Also available as an audio book if you choose. After payment you will receive an email asking for your choice.

His Guide to Her Jewelry eBook and Audio


71 pages of useful information plus One hour and 40 minutes of audio.

Table Of Contents (Highlights):
2 Introduction
3 Chapter I Jewelry Giving Occasions
10 Chapter II Precious Metals
15 Chapter III Diamonds
21 Chapter IV Other Precious, Semi-Precious & Man-Made
28 Chapter V Pearls…Natural, Cultured and Imitation
31 Chapter VI Other Things You Need to Know
34 Chapter VII Jewelry for the Ages
38 Chapter VIII Choosing Jewelry Styles
40 Chapter IX Giving Religious Jewelry
42 Chapter X The Symbolic Romance of Jewelry
45 Chapter XI Giving Celtic Jewelry
47 Chapter XII Giving Native American Jewelry
49 Chapter XIII Giving Art Deco Jewelry
50 Chapter XIV Personalizing Jewelry Gifts
52 Chapter XV Jewelry Shopping on the Internet
55 Chapter XVI Buying “Fad” Jewelry
58 Chapter XVII Finding Antique Jewelry
60 Chapter XVIII Jewelry Boxes and Armoires
63 Chapter XIX Buying “THE” Ring
66 Chapter XX Buying Antique Engagement Rings
69 Chapter XXI Personalize the Rings

Example Text
The key to success if knowing your significant other’s tastes and not
stepping on a land mine in the process of telling her how much you
Here are the questions you should ask yourself before venturing out
on the Valentine’s Day gift shopping expedition:
1. “Do I know her tastes well enough to buy a personalized gift?”
2. What is your budget? Financial troubles as a result of
overspending on Valentine’s Day are not going to help your romantic
3. Always be classy. You don’t have to spend a fortune to achieve


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